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Is the American Dream Dead?

Deep in pre-production, this film will revolve around the conditions of today's American adults, pulling from a plethora of experiences and conditions. Sweethart questions the moralities of the world the older generation has left for us and how the the conditions of the American society persists despite its changing livelihood and crumbling mundanity. 

The story follows Sweethart and Punk, a codependent, kleptomaniac couple, who can't stop fighting for what they need to 'survive,' shedding a neo-realistic light on a relatable story of envy, greed, and need. What would you do for your loved ones?

The film is heavily inspired by, Buffalo 66,  Dog Day Afternoon, and Natural Born Killers, in which will include the use of neorealism, surrealism, and a lots of grime. 

Sweethart is set to film in September 2023 in Spokane, WA.

To get involved, contact us. 

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Announcements Coming Soon!

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