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Narrative Shot, Creative Producer 2024 (17 min)



Logline: 5 ignorant vampires are trapped in a gothic bar by a nihilistic psychopath who forces them to answer for their immortality. 

After a 60-day crowdfunding campaign and the amazing support of the Portland, New York, and Horror community, we have successfully raised the funds to produce an incredible proof of concept that will not only impress those involved, but investors alike. 

Be on the look out for casting and crew calls, project updates and more. 


Joel Austin

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Joel Austin's most recent film, Sara and the Animals is available on streaming platforms now. He also wrote and directed the wildly popular, ongoing audio series Salem's Ghosts, the first two seasons of which are available on all podcast platforms. Joel has been a performer since childhood and teaches post-production at UCLA Ext. He has a degree in writing and has had several short stories published in various journals and collections. He's a lifelong horror and vampire lover (Dracula was the recurring Halloween costume of most of his childhood) who relishes the opportunity to tell meaningful stories with a mass entertainment sensibility. 

For more information feel free to contact either of the emails below!

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