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Spearheading your project

Being the creative leader of your project, I hope to firmly and gracefully encourage our team

to implement their best skills and build their own confidence as the individuals they are.

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The most important phase of production. For me, it is crucial to hone in on the artistic vision that encompasses the themes and objectives that are relevant to the story and production. Let's work together to make sure every filmic aspect is carefully planned, explored and developed to prepare for the days of production.

Keeping a positive attitude and cool head is my game. While implementing creative and dynamic techniques, it is my goal to not only intuitively drive the completion of a project, but incorporate the voice and ideas of those around me, to ensure that all visions can come together on one cohesive front.


A story has been filmed, now what? Let's tell this tale in a format that is characteristic of the vision and thematic objectives. Using a thorough and open-minded pathway, I will help develop and deliver the story through the vision of the curators at its helm. 


"M" and M Films

With a BS of Film from Portland State University, and years of film and storytelling experience, it is my goal to create memorable piece of media that will inspire and relate to a progressive and captivated audience. I thrive at communicating and leading a team through passion, collaboration, and detail-orientation. I am a positive and driven filmmaker with a can-do attitude who creatively and dynamically drives the completion of any project through the complexities of the film. Let me spearhead your project, and we'll create something awesome.


I'm always looking for new projects to sink my teeth into! Let's chat!

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